A Comprehensive Optometric Eye Examination

An optometric examination cover more than just vision testing or refraction ( checking of eye power ). It is a comprehensive evaluation of the functioning of the eyes as well as the visual system. It also helps to  detect the presence  ocular diseases with or without the association of systemic diseases e.g. diabetes, hypertension etc.

In general optometric examination has two components such as :

1. Examination of vision and visual function :

  • Measurement of vision at distance and near
  • Detailed refraction for distance and near with specialty equipment
  • Prescription of optical aids such as glasses, contact lenses and magnifiers
  • Measurement of binoculars function, stereopsis and colour vision

2. Examination of ocular health :

  • Inspection of external structures of the eye such as cornea, anterior chamber Crystalline Lens as well as internal ocular structures such as Retina and Optic Nerve. This is done with various specialty equipment
  • Examination of various eye movement and alignment
  • Examination of pupillary reaction to light as a neurological test
  • Observation of overall health status of external ocular structures such as eyelids and eyelashes, as well as the lacrimal systems among others
  • Measurement of eye pressure also known as intraocular pressure
  • Evaluation of functional aspects of the eye such as visual fields